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Tuff Stuff Overland Alpine 61 Hardshell Rooftop Tent, Aluminum, 2-3 Person, Black

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Tuff Stuff Overland Alpine 61 Aluminum Hardshell Rooftop Tent For 2-3 People, Black

The Tuff Stuff Alpine 61 Roof Top Tent features a dual-action opening roof. Open the rear section of the tent for a wedge or open the front section for a full pop-up and additional windows with screens. One person can deploy the Alpine in one minute for quick & easy setup and pack down!

The Alpine is constructed with durable antibacterial waterproof, high tear resistance, and stronger tensile than normal rooftop tent fabric. The Alpine is our ultimate aluminum rooftop tent that can withstand the elements for 4 season camping!

What's Included

  • 4 Gas struts allow for dual action opening roof (wedge or pop-up option)
  • Roof rack on top of tent (great for kayaks, bikes, and gear)
  • Blackout coated fabric (full-screen room with 360-degree visibility to full dark room)
  • T-Slot using standard M8 hardware surrounding exterior of tent, 4 T-Slot rails in total (mount awnings, shower tents, water supplies, etc. directly to tent)
  • Under 8" slim profile when packed up and latched (excludes additional roof rack height)
  • 3 Entryway options based on build (passenger side, driver side, rear)
  • Window awnings (removable)
  • Mounting hardware & brackets for installation (fits up to 3.25" vehicle cross bars)
  • 2.75" thick Memory Foam mattress
  • Telescoping ladder with angled steps (will not bite into your arches!)
  • Interior LED Light Strip (requires power from a USB power pack, not included)
  • Annex room not included, but available soon

Available Sizes: 51” and 61”

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-3 People
  • Open dimensions L/W/H: 94x61x60 inches
  • Closed dimensions L/W/H: 88x61x8 inches
  • Roof Pitch: 50 inches
  • Mattress L/W/H: 1 qty, Memory Foam, 85x58x2 inches
  • Weight: 274 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 1200 Lbs
  • 728 Lbs crossbar load capacity
  • Shell: Aluminum
  • Tent Material:
    • Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop 3200 GSM (high tear resistance and tensile strength)
    • Waterproof level >3500MM
    • Antibacterial and mold-inhibiting fabric (EPA certified)
    • Blackout coating on all tent materials (like being in a comfy cave w/out a light)
  • Gas Struts: 4 qty, German engineered
  • Floor: Heavy-duty 1 inch aluminum honeycomb
  • Tent Mounting T-Channel Rails (bottom): 31.5" apart
    • Sliders: 8 qty, 1.13x1.75x.25 inches
    • Flat Brackets: 4 qty, 2.75-3.25 inches (adjustable)
      • Installation brackets fit crossbars up to 3.25 inches wide
    • M8 Nuts & Bolts: 8 qty, 2.25x13 millimeters
    • Rail Caps: 4 qty, 2x1x1.5 inches
  • Roof Rack Bars: 2 qty, 50x2.5x1 inches
    • Brackets: 4 qty, 5x4.5x4 inches
    • M8 Nuts & Bolts: 25 qty, .38x13 millimeters
    • Bar Caps: 4 qty, 1x1.3x2.5 inches
  • Windows: 2 window openings w/ mesh screens & window rods
    • Window Awnings: 2 qty, 69x44x33 inches, removable (zip-off), trapezoid side window rain awnings
    • Window Awning Bag: 1 qty, 14x10x3 inches
    • Window Rods: 6 qty, 35x.25 inches
    • Window Rod Bag: 1 qty, 36x4x1 inches
  • Security Latches: 4 qty (2 front and 2 rear)
  • Ladder: Telescoping 103x18 inches tall w/angled steps (included)
  • Zippers: YKK with custom para-cord pulls (reduces annoying road noise when driving)
  • LED Light Strip: White diffused, dimmable light (Velcro on back of light to mount on either side of tent)
  • Shoe Bag: 2 qty, 13x17x3 inches
  • Annex Room: Not included but coming soon!

Color: Black shell w/gray tent fabric


Mounting Tent

  1. Mounting your tent requires a minimum of 2 people for lifting. This Alpine may take three! She's not dainty.
  2. Position the tent on top of the vehicle's roof rack, bed rack, or trailer, and center it to your liking. If you have a hatchback make sure you have clearance to open the back.
  3. Using the supplied hardware and mounting plates, slide the hardware into the channel so there are 2 bolts per corner (one in front and one behind the vehicle's crossbars)
  4. Run the bolts through the holes of the mounting brackets, and thread nuts onto each bolt
  5. Confirm you are happy with the position of the tent, vehicle balance, and appearance then tighten all nuts to the brackets until the tent cannot move

    The Wedge

    1. Locate the 2 latches at the rear of the tent
    2. Pull each red latch upward releasing its tension, then unhook the latch from the hook
    3. Push up on the handles and the tent will rise into a wedge shape on its own
    4. Locate the elastic cinch strap and pull it upward into the T-slot for storage
    5. Attach your ladder at the desired entry point
      1. For detailed ladder instructions, see Alpine Ladder Instructions
    6. Unzip the screen and fabric covers, rolling them up and securing them with the storage clips
    7. Deploy the included window awnings (see Window Awning Instructions) and Shoe Bags (see Shoe Bag Instructions)
    8. Climb into your tent in its wedge form and it’s ready to use

    The Pop-Up

    1. Once your Alpine is in its wedge form, locate the 2 latches at the front of the tent and unlatch them from the frame of the tent
    2. Push up on the handles to transform the Alpine from a wedge to a full pop-up
    3. Locate the elastic cinch strap and pull it downward into the T-Slot for storage
    4. Unzip all the window covers to create a full-screen room, rolling up each fabric cover and securing with the storage clips
    5. Zip up all the fabric window covers to create a full dark room
      1. It is seriously dark w/all of the windows and doors zipped up... that sun is not going to ruin your plans to sleep in w/nature a bit.



    Shipping / Delivery

    Rooftop Tents ship via LTL Truck Freight and will ship separately from any other items in your cart.
    Please allow 2-3 business days for your Tent to be palletized and picked up by the freight company.  You will receive a tracking confirmation as soon as your shipment is picked up from the warehouse.

    Freight/Delivery times are 7-10 business days from our warehouse to the Destination Terminal.
    Final Delivery is by Appointment, please provide the best phone number on your order to avoid any missed calls which will delay your delivery.  Please note that the available delivery days will vary based on the distance from the Destination Terminal and the Final Delivery address (your shipping address), if you are in a rural or remote area, the carrier may only service your area once a week. 

    Do NOT miss your delivery once scheduled or you will be charged for rescheduling. We get charged and will pass the charge on to you.  

    For residential deliveries: The courier will only deliver to the sidewalk, driveway, or garage. A valid telephone number must be provided at the time of purchase. This needs to be a number that you can be reached at in order for the delivery driver to schedule a delivery time. Failure to provide a valid telephone number will result in your tent not being shipped until we can make contact with you.
    If you cannot arrange to be available or fail to respond to the carrier, your tent will be returned to our warehouse and the return freight charges will be applied to your credit card.

    Receiving and Inspection. You have a 15-minute window to inspect your shipment before signing and accepting the delivery.  Please take pictures of the shipment before your sign and accept delivery.
    If your tent is Not received Strapped on a Pallet, REFUSE the shipment, and call us immediately, we will process a replacement shipment at once.
    If there are any holes in the box, look in the hole to inspect if there is any damage to the tent.  If there is any Visible Damage to the Tent, REFUSE the shipment and call us immediately, we will process a replacement shipment at once.
    Note any Damage (crushed corners, scuff marks, tears) to the box on the BOL Before Signing for your delivery.

    Lastly, please open and inspect the tent As Soon As Possible.  If any damage is found once you open the packaging, stop, and take pictures. Make sure to take pictures of the packaging, the tent, anything that will provide context for the damage. Concealed damage and missing parts must be reported within 72 hours of delivery. After 72 hours we are not able to file a claim with the carrier and our options to repair or replace your tent will be limited.

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